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Preferred Bird Treats started out for me as a hobby; An opportunity for me to harness my experience and knowledge as a chef to provide my boys with  a high quality treat. Not only would this treat be extraordinarily nutritious, but they'd give textural value mixed with dynamic flavors. Naturally providing what nature does best, stimulate the mind and supplement the bodies needs!

I've always had an affinity for birds. Their freedom, ingenuity and problem solving skills but most importantly for the strength of their affection, capacity to bond and establish real relationships with birds, other animals and humans alike.

With that being said, I truly believe in a symbiotic relationship being very important

between you and your bird(s).

What's a better way than a mutual meal?

Organic high quality produce formulated into a snack you all truly can enjoy! 

Sincerely, they are delicious. Some flavors I've hoarded for myself at times!

We can make any treat for any bird with anything nature provides. Simply tell us your parrots' preference or your parrontal specifications and ill be happy to accommodate

any request.

This is a labor of love and I hope I can spread mine with as many parrots and their

providers as I can!

Thank you for reading and I truly hope get the opportunity to make your bird's

next best meal! 




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