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What’s a better way than a mutual meal?
Organic high quality produce formulated into a snack you all truly can enjoy! 


Welcome Fellow Bird Nerds!

I’m grateful to see that you’ve finally made it to your one stop shop for fully customizable, organic specialty treats and food for your feathered friend! Whether its a dietary restriction, picky parrot, a horde of your bird or flocks favorite ingredients, here at Preferred Bird Treats we cater to the needs of each and every one of our avian accomplices no matter the requirement!  We are here to help support and maintain happy, healthy diets!  Made with all organic produce, be assured that not only are these incredibly healthy for your bird, but they are also just as delicious for you too!  Who doesn’t like a mutual meal with their macaw?  So enjoy!

Look around and ask me questions, read the Birdie Blog and follow our social media for first dibs on special treats with exotic ingredients!

Thanks for visiting and we hope to have the opportunity to take care of each and every need you may have!

Don’t miss out on finding out why we are the Preferred Bird Treat!



We can make any treat for any bird with anything nature provides. Simply tell us your parrots’ preference or your parrontal specifications and I’ll be happy to accommodate any request.

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